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A Daily Self Care Journal
A Daily Self Care Journal

A Daily Self Care Journal

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Whether this journal is for you, for a friend of yours, or a family member there is no coincidence that you’re here. It’s a small investment to offer support in the way of daily self care. 

This daily self care journal is meant to help you release the habit of taking care of everyone else while leaving yourself uncared for. It’s meant to help you create the daily routine where you check in with yourself.

Ask Yourself:

✅ What do I need right now?

✅ What would make me happy right now?

✅ How can I do a better job of taking care of me?

✅ What does my body require at this time?

✅ How can I release the negativity in my life? 

✅ How can I release the negative thoughts I have that     cause me to worry? 

Maybe it’s been a while since you checked in with yourself. This journal will support you as you create a stronger foundation that supports you in your daily self care routine. 

Are you tired of being tired? If the answer is yes. Let’s Go!

This journal is definitely for you.  A small investment in your journey to you. You are so worthy.