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Anti Covid Wellness Kit
Anti Covid Wellness Kit

Anti Covid Wellness Kit

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This kit will help your whole family step up the wellness game. It boosts your immune system, helps you release pounds and helps you release stress. It’s loaded with Antioxidants. It has antiviral, antiviral and anticancer properties. 

💜 Our Anti Covid Wellness Kit 💜⛑🌡🤒
✅ Daily Self Care Journal 
✅ Organic Elderberry Syrup 16 oz 
✅ Organic Elderberry Gel 16 oz

✅Organic Bladdewrack and Burdock Root 90 Capsules 
✅ Detox Bath and Foot Soak 12 oz
✅ Honey Lavender Tea w/ Fresh Ginger 15 bags 
✅ Green Tea w/ Fresh Ginger 15 bags
✅ Shea Moss Whipped Shea Butter 12 oz 
✅ Vitamin D 90 capsules 
✅ Vitamin C 90 capsules 
✅ Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger and Maple Capsules 60
✅ Our very Own Organic Soursop 90 Capsules 

No refunds or exchanges. 

Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health condition or take any medications consult with your doctor or physician before using this product.  We are not medical doctors. These products are not meant to treat any medical condition.